About Us

Our Story

Hello and welcome to DeMamora!

It’s been a long journey to finally arrive where we are now, and we are so proud and thankful to be here!

We love handmade leather goods, travelling, and seeing our lives as well as others, change for the better. After many years of learning about the many kinds of genuine leather, the art of handcrafting leather, and the story behind many cultural materials, we launched our brand in 2010 called “Mamora” (This word comes from one tribe in North Sumatra, Indonesia and means “Abundance.” We opened a boutique and experienced sales with many customers from everywhere around the globe. We had a big transition in our life at the end of 2012. We got married, traveled from city to city, different countries, and devoted time helping people in remote areas of the world.

Here we are now, re-branded as “DeMamora.” “De” is the first two letters in our last name. We decided to incorporate that into the original name, as a symbol of our unity as a family, and dedication to handmade items.

We would like to say thank you to our many customers who have supported us, and allowed us to pursue our passions in life. We invite you to sit back, make yourself comfortable, and browse through our handmade selection sure to delight those with exquisite tastes.

Our Products

All of our products use the highest quality material chosen personally and specifically by us. No synthetic, faux, or man made leathers are used in our designs and craftsmanship.

There is a classic and historical meaning behind each product that makes our items special for those who appreciate quality handmade leather bags and accessories, and for those that love traditional, cultural, and collectible materials.

Each item is made by hand with passion and love. We ensure that all of our products are produced to the highest standard, with excellent craftsmanship. Once we design a product, we create limited quantities, so get it now while it’s in stock!

We hope your experience shopping with us will enable you to find that one of a kind, special item, that reflects yourself and embraces the beauty of handmade items.

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Our Philosophy

We’ve met many people from around the world. Each experience brings and inspires us to tell these stories and weave them into our products as the fabric of our lives. We support our artistic communities, along with various nonprofits, that continuously create and strive to make our world a beautiful place to live and grow. We only can make this happen when we are holding hands together. By making a purchase with us, you are actually helping many people in need.

Our past/present help goes to :

  • Support to stop and build the life of post trafficking women and children in Cambodia
  • The blind community to live their life to the fullest in the United States
  • Provide English class and computer class to the poor children of Indonesia
  • Build water tanks for getting clean water to remote areas in Indonesia
  • To be continued

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of making our planet become a better place.

God bless you and yours!!!

Grace & Peter