We use full grained cowhide leather/vegetable tanned leather, the most noble of all leather hides. It is the same type of leather used for many generations by many of the best-known and well-respected luxury designers. This leather is highly durable and resilient. The more you use it, the more soft and subtle it will become, plus it has a patina look that we all love. Since leather is a natural product, inconsistencies and marks on the leather are normal.

We also use soft lambskin and other genuine leather to get the look and matching style. In each product’s description, is a full disclosure of all material used. Our commitment is always to use the best material for a beautiful and long lasting feature. No synthetic, faux, or man made leather ever!

Our leather smells very natural and leathery, unlike many lower grade leathers which can smell noxious and cheap.

Our leather products are hand dyed with natural processes and do not involve harmful chemicals.

Each product is hand woven by excellent craftsmen, and hand stitched with patience and care. Since our leather is hand dyed leather, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Which adds to the uniqueness of every piece you get.

We love a classic woven style bag. Even though it takes triple the hours to make a woven leather bag compared to a standard leather bag, we love how they turn out!

Here is DeMamora for those who appreciate quality handmade leather. You will enjoy your bag for a lifetime!

Condition leather products with your choice of leather conditioner when it feels dry, by using a soft horsehair bristle brush in a circular motion to ensure complete coverage. Leave one hour and then buff with a clean brush or towel. Most of time when using a leather conditioner, the color of your leather will turn darker. Do not worry about this. Let your product dry at room temperature, and it will be back to the original color in no time! (Do not put into direct sunlight for drying.) If your product happens to get water on it, let it air dry, and it will return to it’s original color. Store your products in a protective cover, in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. If your product is a handbag, we recommend adding packing paper (do not use newspaper)  inside the bag to hold it’s beautiful shape during storage.

With good care, your item will last for years to come!

We travelled overseas and found a wonderful material originally from the Batak tribe of North Sumatra, Indonesia. They called this fabric ULOS. It was a great experience to see how it is made. It is hand woven with thread and the help of special-made tools. The result is a beautiful creation!

The fabric feels like canvas but thicker in some parts where the woven design and or beads are located. Extremely gorgeous!

Another thing that is very interesting about Ulos, is the history behind it.

According to Batak people of North Sumatra, Indonesia there are 3 sources of warmth for humans; sun, fire and Ulos. Why is ulos a source of warmness? Ulos is said to be a source of warmth because these people were living on cold mountains. This natural condition makes the sunlight insufficient to give warmth especially at night. As a result, they created something that is able to give them warmth, and is also believed to be able to give the men bravery and the women strength against infertility .

—- More about Ulos on Wikipedia —-

When we started mixing this beautiful fabric with our leather, the result amazed us! All of our cultural products are limited. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Since Ulos is also a handmade fabric, the patterns is not often duplicated.

Here is a great addition to your wardrobe, and also a great gift for those that love traditional, cultural, and collectible material.

Clean the cultural fabric when dirty by using fabric soap directly to the dirty spot/area using gentle rubbing with fingers. Blot dry with damp towel (cold or room temperature water), then use a clean towel to blot dry, and let completely air dry. Do not dry under direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or fully submerge into water. Store product in a protective cover, in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. With good care, your product will have long lasting beauty!


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