The Noble

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Meet The Noble

The Noble leather bag design is dedicated to my friend, Minar.

This collection is named for the qualities in life she possesses.

Minar is the smartest lady I’ve ever meet. We were house-mates for 3 years, and have countless years of friendship as well. She’s gotten so much appreciation from her workplace and the community she volunteers in. She is a leader and inspiring to many women, but no matter how busy or where life takes her, she always makes time for her family, friends, and herself.

She loves reading and travelling! One adventure we had, was travelling to another country that we had never traveled to before. It was very exciting, as we didn’t know anyone, and weren’t using a travel agent! Our experience was great, exploring the capital city and then flying to a small Island on a whim. We had lunch in the middle of the ocean, canoeing around, and enjoying the beach together. It was so much fun, and an adventure I will never forget.

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